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About Bukomansimbi Community Development Initiative (BCDI)

by Kasibante Steven, Founder

The idea came in after a long time experience, born of a poor mother, I experienced a lot of difficulties that shaped to love helping those in bad situations.  I grew up with my grandma who never had money to buy us even salt to put in food, no clothing, no beddings (up-to 8yrs I was sleeping on Speargrass!!).

I started developing the idea when I was in my first year at the University. I was under a humanitarian’s sponsorship. I was helping two kids in primary school using my upkeep. 

In November, 2018, an idea of having a well established organisation for the mission came in.

child eating

Steps were taken 

  • 1.  I registered the organization. 
  • 2.  Formed a local committee to work with.
  • 3.  Managed to help a woman who was paralysed.
  • 4. Over 30 kids are now under my program and among others.

Future Plans

  1. Buying land to build orphanage home, community school,  established organic demonstration firm and offices.
  2. Start up a poultry farm for the orphans.

BCDI Objectives

To train orphans with life going skills in farming and art craft.

To establish a hunger-free community. 

To provide health and medical facilities to the orphans and other vulnerable populations.

To connect the community with world beyond.

To empower youth through sustainable agriculture.

To stop climate change through planting food trees and help in eradication of famine caused by droughts (which came in due to climate change).

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